Work-based training in mechanical, electrical and computer skills


Duro Workforce is a training provider for industries including advanced manufacturing, biomedical, construction, engineering and more. With hands-on occupational training, Duro helps serve the changing needs of business demand while working with dislocated workers, veterans, underrepresented minorities, women and others to achieve skilled positions in these fields.


Duro provides training on-site and at its location in the South Bronx. Duro trains job seekers and employees in the latest tools and methodology, including the skills needed to do their jobs safely and efficiently, whether it’s learning a completely new skill, advancing to a new level of expertise or updating what they already know.


Duro works with participant referrals from veteran-serving organizations and other outreach organizations, in addition to corporate referrals for newly-hired employees and unaffiliated individuals. Training price may vary depending on affiliation and/or applicant group or individual. Please inquire for details.


Duro partners with businesses, academia, community organizations, and government to achieve better alignment between job seekers and the workplace, including Carnegie Mellon University’s Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Institute, an organization with the goal of training 500,000+ advanced manufacturing positions over the next decade, the City College of New York, and others.

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