Providing students and teachers with STEM skills used in the workplace today

Teacher Professional Development

Duro’s Professional Development (PD) provides teachers and teaching assistants the ability to bring professional software and hardware skills into the classroom while meeting license and salary differentials.

Classroom Materials: Curricula, presentation slides, syllabi, materials lists and robotics kits are available depending on program.
Availability: PD is provided on-site at the school during and after school hours and after school and weekends at Duro’s NYC offices.
Session Duration: One-session workshops are 2 hours, five-session workshops are 10 hours.
Instructor Experience: Duro instructors have both teaching and industry experience.
Professional Development Workshops: For workshop information and pricing click Register below, or schedule a phone consultation.

  • Intro to CAD (1 session) Register
  • Beginner CAD (5 sessions) Register
  • Intermediate CAD (5 sessions) Register
  • Advanced CAD (5 sessions) Register
  • Intro Microcontrollers (1 session) Register
  • Beginner Microcontrollers (5 sessions) Register
  • Intermediate Microcontrollers (5 sessions) Register
  • Advanced Microcontrollers (5 sessions) Register

Student Programs for High Schools

Duro Student Programs teach software and hardware skills used by real companies, encouraging and preparing high school students to pursue STEM in their postsecondary education and careers.

Difficulty Level: Student Programs are customized to augment curricula currently in use and designed to teach fundamental professional skill sets.
Availability: Student Programs are taught on-site at the school during elective and after school periods and during summer session.
Session Duration: Customized based on school scheduling.
Instructor Experience: Duro instructors have both teaching and industry experience.
Combining Program Topics: Available
Student Program Topics: For information and pricing schedule a phone consultation.

  • CAD / CAM
  • 3D Printing
  • Microcontrollers
  • Circuit Design & Simulation
  • Mobile App Development
  • Personal Branding / LinkedIn


Duro is a training partner of the NYC Department of Education (NYCDOE) and the City College of New York (CCNY), with experience teaching students at the high school, college and graduate level. Duro has provided Student Programs at schools including:

  • Academy for Applied Mathematics and Technology (Bronx)
  • Curtis High School (Staten Island)
  • High School for Math Science and Engineering at City College (Manhattan)
  • In-Tech Academy (Bronx)
  • Queens Vocational and Technical High School (Queens)
  • High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture (Queens)


The Beginner Microcontrollers: Controlling Lights 5 week workshop was an amazing introduction to a field that I’ve been wanting to investigate, but couldn’t get into on my own. Mohammed is an extremely knowledgeable – and patient – instructor. He’s able to explain complicated concepts in familiar terms, and structures the lesson plans to be both digestible and dynamic. The classes follow classic pedagogical structures with material being introduced via relatable metaphors and back and forth dialog, the introduction of more sophisticated information over the course of the workshop, homework that reinforces the primary lessons of a class, office hours to confer and problem solve, and reviews at the beginning of each class.

As an artist and professor, I’ve spent a lot of time in maker spaces, and gotten most of my tech chops from that environment and through online tutorials. What sets this workshop apart is not just the combination of hands-on learning and personal attention, but also Mohammed’s extensive background as an electrical engineer, who’s able to teach not just the how, but also the why.

Anna Campbell
Associate Professor
Grand Valley State University

Working with Duro proved to be a great experience, two-fold! Our students enjoyed learning about the engineering design steps, robotics and programming and also gained workforce experience in the creation of LinkedIn profiles. Administration was also pleased because the summer program was bundled together with lessons, workshops and agenda for the 5-week program. They also met with us to modify the unit structure based on our student population and needs!

Sean Dolcy
Assistant Principal
High School for Math, Science and Engineering

Duro has worked with the City College of New York since 2015, providing engineering training and internships for many of our mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering students at the Grove School of Engineering. As one of the top engineering schools in New York and nationally, CCNY has many clubs and activities for students to choose from. In my 30+ years at City College, Duro stands out as a student favorite, not least because their participants have gone on to highly competitive positions at Lockheed Martin, Ford, IBM, and many others. City College is proud to work with Duro and looks forward to their continued engagement with our student community.

Louis Hernandez
Chief Technical Engineer
Grove School of Engineering
City College of New York

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