At Duro I was able to apply the theory I learned in my electronics and software engineering courses. The experience I gained granted me an internship opportunity at a cyber security company called Red Balloon Security. At Red Balloon security, I now work to secure embedded devices with intrusion detection firmware.

Peter Minzicu
Junior Data Scientist
Red Balloon Security

Duro has given me immense scope to apply the concepts I have learned theoretically and through projects in a real-world application. I have gotten the opportunity to work with a plethora of sensors, such as pH, Electrical Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature, and designed circuits to test these sensors in different kinds of water samples so as to understand how they respond to changes in their environment.

Richa Netto
Software Developer
Verizon — Smart Venues

After my time at Duro I was approached by recruiters from Viacom, where I now work as a Technical Data Analyst. Duro gave me the platform I needed to jump start my career. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get their foot in the door.

Stephon Nixon
Technical Data Analyst

At Duro I am able to apply my knowledge gained from core engineering classes such as statics, fluid dynamics and mechanics of materials. The things I have learned during my time here will pay dividends as I continue to work towards my career goal.

Tarun Singh
CAD Engineer
The Handy Tool and Manufacturing Co.

I am very fortunate to start my career at Duro, where my post-graduation education was very well used and I also learned many new techniques and skills that are used in the real world industry. The experience I gained at Duro granted me a full-time position at Rockwell Automation as a Field Engineer. Rockwell is the leader in smart manufacturing, systems controls and industrial design in the US.

Wahab Zia
Project Lead Engineer
Rockwell Automation

I have always wanted to get hands on experience and I feel that Duro is the perfect platform for me to do so. At the company I also have the opportunity to mentor other women engineers in high school and share my story about how I got into engineering, which was a difficult path. Helping others is important to me, and I’m glad to have this experience at Duro where I can make a difference and develop in my career.

Esha Rahman
B.E., Electrical Engineering
City College of New York

Duro has helped me a lot throughout this year, not only in my field but what it’s like to be in a team project. The hands on experience obtained from this program is phenomenal. For many students, obtaining a first internship is hard due to the idea of that a student needs experience to OBTAIN experience. The experience I gained at Duro has helped me land two interviews from other companies for the summer that will further my experience even more.

Marcelo Vergara
B.E., Electrical Engineering
City College of New York

Students seeking more experience will often attempt to subsidize their classroom education with clubs. Clubs provide a great service in this aspect, however, they fall short of what a real world project is like. This is where Duro was critical. The time that I have spent there I have learned much more about professional engineering applications than I have in any of my classes. They provide students the ability to learn how a project is managed in the real world.

Clyde Korn
B.E., Mechanical Engineering
City College of New York

Duro has benefitted me both in my academics as well as career development. I have learned different aspects of engineering that I haven’t before in the courses that I have taken so far. For instance, at Duro I get to work with microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and real life components and sensors. I get to experiment on these devices by manipulating its default program as well as building it onto the circuits. Duro has been helpful for me in gaining “outside” knowledge as well as experiences in relation to my major. It is a company that has and will continue to benefit many more.

Chorten Dolma
B.E., Computer Engineering
City College of New York

What separates Duro from other clubs on campus is that it incorporates different facets of engineering like electrical, programming, and mechanical. After being around many of the clubs in the ME department, a lot of the clubs do not change what projects they are working on every year; having Duro here gives students other new projects to work on.

Eddie Cheng
B.E., Mechanical Engineering
City College of New York

This experience was absolutely priceless. I was able to work with Duro through the fall semester, and hope that others will be able to benefit from its great culture just as much as I did.

Rubin Lehman
B.E., Chemical Engineering
City College of New York

The instructor did an amazing job. This workshop gave me a background knowledge that will be useful when I pursue my career in tech.


One thing I really liked about this class was the hands on work, that it wasn’t just a lecture and a note taking class. I liked that we were introduced to coding and circuits. The most interesting thing I learned in the class was the sonars. I found that really intriguing.


Learning CAD will build my skills in engineering fields like prosthetics. It will contribute to having a well paying job.


I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I’m working in the class. When I’m finally able to get the material it’s like having bragging rights.


I liked the fact that we could basically create anything from scratch.


I learned about the Arduino and how to program it in various situations. The most interesting thing I learned was programming with the infrared sensors. I liked it for the unique experience.


At the beginning I didn’t even know how to work with the camera, but now I’m super confident in what I can do with CAD.


The instructor had an answer for every question.


I learned something that I probably wouldn’t if not given this opportunity. The instructor knew a lot about the software and he helped me understand the problems I was going through.


I liked building different types of shapes on a new program for me. I learned you can CAD absolutely everything.


I like how challenging the class is and how different the material is. I want to get a job as a mechanical engineer who focuses on renewable energy sources, because I think the world needs more engineers and renewable power.


Youth Career Connect (YCC)’s mission is to build the next generation of leaders in technology and engineering by creating pathways for students to gain the industry-relevant education and skills they need to succeed in postsecondary education and in a competitive workforce. We provide YCC scholars with the opportunity of shaping the trajectory of their college and career pathways through mentorship and exposure to the world of work through small learning communities.

Duro has been our partner since 2015 to assist in our efforts to better equip students for the demands of a high tech economy. Through our partnership with Duro, we gained access to a diverse and impressive network of young STEM professionals who were passionate in mentoring students looking to pursue careers in STEM. Duro also hosted popular summer and after school technology programs covering microcontrollers, coding, and computer aided design for YCC participants at high schools throughout the 5 boroughs. We truly value our partnership with Duro and consider it an important pillar in our strategy to develop the future pipeline of talent.

Samantha Joseph
Director, Youth Career Connect (YCC)
Office of Postsecondary Readiness
NYC Department of Education

Duro has worked with the City College of New York since 2015, providing engineering training and internships for many of our mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering students at the Grove School of Engineering. As one of the top engineering schools in New York and nationally, CCNY has many clubs and activities for students to choose from. In my 30+ years at City College, Duro stands out as a student favorite. City College is proud to work with Duro and looks forward to their continued engagement with our student community.

Louis Hernandez
Chief Technical Engineer
Grove School of Engineering
City College of New York

Working with Duro proved to be a great experience, two-fold! Our students enjoyed learning about the engineering design steps, robotics and programming and also gained workforce experience in the creation of LinkedIn profiles. Administration was also pleased because the summer program was bundled together with lessons, workshops and agenda for the 5-week program. They also met with us to modify the unit structure based on our student population and needs!

Sean Dolcy
Assistant Principal
High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College
NYC Department of Education

The Microcontroller workshop that Duro facilitated at our school was fantastic. The material covered a perfect mix of hands-on practice and underlying theory. The students were engaged and excited throughout the program. The instructors did a tremendous job challenging and supporting the students. Students with little or no prior experience are now proficient designing and programming on the Arduino platform. We look forward to working with Duro in the future.

Edward Hawkins

Technology Education Teacher

High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture

NYC Department of Education

The Beginner Microcontrollers: Controlling Lights 5 week workshop was an amazing introduction to a field that I’ve been wanting to investigate, but couldn’t get into on my own. Mohammed is an extremely knowledgeable - and patient - instructor. He’s able to explain complicated concepts in familiar terms, and structures the lesson plans to be both digestible and dynamic. The classes follow classic pedagogical structures with material being introduced via relatable metaphors and back and forth dialog, the introduction of more sophisticated information over the course of the workshop, homework that reinforces the primary lessons of a class, office hours to confer and problem solve, and reviews at the beginning of each class.

As an artist and professor, I’ve spent a lot of time in maker spaces, and gotten most of my tech chops from that environment and through online tutorials. What sets this workshop apart is not just the combination of hands-on learning and personal attention, but also Mohammed’s extensive background as an electrical engineer, who’s able to teach not just the how, but also the why.

Anna Campbell
Associate Professor
Grand Valley State University