Advanced Microcontrollers: Weather Station

Advanced Microcontrollers: Weather Station

Build an integrated hardware/software system to collect and process real weather data in this 5-session advanced class.
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The Advanced Microcontrollers workshop provides a 5-session training which builds on the skills learned in the Intermediate Microcontroller workshop. This workshop covers a variety of sensors used in weather detection and monitoring to create a functional weather station. Workshop topics include logging data and displaying information on a desktop computer.

Participants learn how to create algorithms and structure code to integrate and process data from multiple sensors, using a design process to prototype and improve their work into a well-polished design. These skills are essential for using microcontrollers in a variety of contexts including managing sensor arrays, building integrated hardware/software applications and environmental control systems.


    • Understand data logging
    • Learn how to use functions and libraries to create clean and efficient code
    • Understand the engineering process to create a complete data monitor
    • Design and debug nested conditional statements, control structures and loops
    • Display and interact with data using a GUI written in processing
    • Integrate multiple sensors, including pressure, temperature and light to assess weather patterns
    • Process data to reduce noise and reduce errors
    • Format saved data for easy retrieval and calculations
    • Debug and structure complex code

    Course Info

    Sessions: 5 Classtime Per Session: 2 hours Classtime Total: 10 hours Office Hours Available: 1 hour Meeting Time: Tuesday 6:30pm Participant Experience Level: Completion of Intermediate Microcontroller or equivalent Applicable for Teacher Professional Development: Yes Workshop Microcontrollers Kit: A Microcontroller Kit is available to purchase for this course. Kits are also available on loan during workshops and office hours for no charge.


    Who should take this workshop? Anyone seeking hands on-experience programming microcontrollers and operating sensors for more complex weather detection and monitoring applications. This workshop is for those who want to advance to a professional level of this skill set. Never used a microcontroller before? Try the Beginner workshop first.

    What are the career applications for this workshop? This workshop develops essential skills to use microcontrollers at a professional level in robotics, electronics design, sensor control and IoT (Internet of Things, the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects). Specific applications include managing sensor arrays, building integrated hardware/software applications and environmental control systems.

    What are office hours like? Weekly office hours are available for participants remotely for assistance with homework or questions about the material.

    Workshop Microcontrollers Kit: The Weather Station Kit is used for classwork and homework and is available for purchase. Kits are also available on loan during workshops and office hours for no charge, but can't be taken home. Previously purchased the Security Kit? Just order the Security Kit Supplemental Pack. Security Kit + Supplemental Pack = Weather Station Kit.

    Laptop Requirements: Participants use their personal Mac or PC laptop, with no system requirements to run Arduino software.

    Cancellation Policy: Refunds up to 7 days before start of workshop. If workshop was purchased on CourseHorse, their cancellation policy applies to your purchase. For CourseHorse customers who need help canceling or have any questions, please visit CourseHorse.

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    Meet your Instructor

    Elizabeth Adelaide

    Elizabeth is an experienced robotics teacher and practitioner, teaching with Iridescent for four years, and has worked on projects including urban resilience efforts to ease access to solar power and emergency communications, CADing for integrated circuit design and product design, and developing autonomous robotics algorithms.

    She believes in hands-on, processed based learning and developing the skills needed to approach new problems. She is also a poet who can be found giving readings in various parts of NYC.

    B.E., Electrical Engineering, The Cooper Union

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