Introduction to Microcontrollers: The Basics

Introduction to Microcontrollers: The Basics

Learn the basics and get started using microcontrollers in this 1-session introductory class.
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The Intro to Microcontrollers workshop provides an accessible 1-session introduction to using microcontrollers, including hands-on exercises, the principles behind how they work and applications of use.

Workshop topics include the basics of microcontrollers, circuitry and programming, providing an easy start for anyone looking to dip their toe in this exciting field of engineering. Through an Arduino microcontroller programming and sensor manipulation project, participants develop the skills and understanding that make the basis of this field.


  • Understand capabilities and applications of microcontrollers
  • Utilize microcontroller interface
  • Learn about voltage, current and resistance using Ohm’s Law
  • Visual understanding of the hardware structure of Arduino UNO
  • Understand Arduino UNO programming GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Analyze and troubleshoot circuits using Ohm’s Law to calculate specs
  • Read PCB schematics and build circuits on breadboards

Course Info

Sessions: 1 Classtime Per Session: 2 hours Classtime Total: 2 hours Office Hours Available: 1 hour Meeting Time: Saturday 10:00am Participant Experience Level: No experience required Applicable for Teacher Professional Development: Yes Workshop Microcontrollers Kit: A Microcontroller Kit is available to purchase for this course. Kits are also available on loan during workshops and office hours for no charge.


Who should take this workshop? Anyone who is interested in this field and wants to learn how to use a microcontroller in a super easy 1-session workshop. Feel you’re ready to really learn microcontrollers? Register for the 5-session Beginner workshop.

What are the career applications for this workshop? This workshop develops the fundamental skills to get started using microcontrollers in robotics, electronics design, sensor control and IoT (Internet of Things, the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects).

Workshop Microcontrollers Kit: The Controlling Lights Kit is used for classwork and is available for purchase. Kits are also available on loan during workshops and office hours for no charge, but can't be taken home.

Laptop Requirements: Participants use their personal Mac or PC laptop, with no system requirements to run Arduino software.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds up to 7 days before start of workshop. If workshop was purchased on CourseHorse, their cancellation policy applies to your purchase. For CourseHorse customers who need help canceling or have any questions, please visit CourseHorse.

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Meet your Instructor

Mohammad Zen Akram

Mohammed is an electrical engineer with a background in programming microcontrollers, sensors and basic PCB simulation and design. Prior to joining Duro he taught for MakerState.

He strongly believes renewable energy technologies will pave the way for building a symbiotic relationship between nature, society and technology.

B.S., Electrical Engineering, New York Institute of Technology

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