Microcontrollers:  Private and Group Tutoring

Microcontrollers: Private and Group Tutoring

For those needing help with a project or who just prefer a personalized training experience.

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Tutoring Description

Private tutoring is available at all levels for those who prefer a customized experience, more one-on-one time with instructors or assistance with personal projects.

Private tutoring is offered at home and other off-site locations such as schools and community centers depending on availability. Tutoring is offered in the Greater New York City area.

Group rates offered for two or more participants.

Some restrictions or extra fees may apply depending on location. Please contact info@duroworkforce.com before purchasing to determine availability in your area.



Meet your Instructor

Mohammad Zen Akram

Mohammed is an electrical engineer with a background in programming microcontrollers, sensors and basic PCB simulation and design. Prior to joining Duro he taught for MakerState.

He strongly believes renewable energy technologies will pave the way for building a symbiotic relationship between nature, society and technology.

B.S., Electrical Engineering, New York Institute of Technology